Bone Art

How do we get our bones?

We get our bones in a number of different ways but all of them must be ethical, sustainable and legal. 

Some ways we get bones:

Road Kill or Railroad Tracks

Trouncing about in the Woods or other parts of nature allows us to find animals that died naturally

Trades or gifts. (We only do this with other reputable scavengers like us. Usually we know them personally!)

Luck. Sometimes we just stumble across something. We keeps gloves and bags on hand all the time just in case. :)

We don't hunt, trap or hurt any animals EVER! We also never purchase our bones.

Same goes for our feathers. Everything comes from no kill farms, naturally shed, roadkill, second hand, or trade.

How do we process and clean them?

How we clean our bones and how long it takes depends on how decomposed the remains are when we come across them.

We try to keep everything as natural as possible with no harsh chemicals. We even water our plants with the masceration water and reuse the soil from the decomposition pots. Our plants LOVE it!

If the animal is fresh the process can take a really long time since we don't skin them usually. In this situation we have "Decomposition Pots" or planters full of dirt and we bury the remains for several months until they are picked clean by nature.

If they are mummified, we'll soak them for a few weeks in water and then bury them for a few months.

If they are only a little fleshy, we mascerate them in plain water until they are clean enough to be degreased.

We use dishsoap, sunlight, and water to degrease our bones.

Once fully degreased, we whiten them using peroxide (usually a couple days to a couple weeks, depending on how white we want them) and lay them out in the sun for a few hours.

Why we do this?

Without getting too emotional about anything, basically we really love mother nature and everything in it. To see so much life getting destroyed constantly without thought is heartbreaking. If we can give back by picking up a discarded and forgotten sentient soul and honor its existence by creating something beautiful and bringing it to the attention of others, then that is what we will do. <3


We are always keeping up to date with what is legal and what isn't when it comes to animal remains and feathers. If you have any questions about anything you see in our shop or on our pages, just shoot us a message!

OR if there is something you have and would like more information on it. Just send us a message and we would love to help!

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